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Woofer and Wimper
Woofer and whimper.jpg

Character Info[]

Gender Woofer = male and Wimper = male
Hair Woofer = White with black spots and Wimper = bright brown with dark brown spots.
Eyes Black for both
Occupation Detectives
Affiliation Clue Club
Family Unknown
Played By Paul Winchell and Jim MacGeorge

Woofer and Wimper are the club's dogs. Woofer is a bloodhound and Whimper is a Basset Hound. They are like best friends and siblings.


Much of the comedy would come from Woofer, who would constantly accuse suspects without good reason, then later back-track while proclaiming his genius; and Wimper, a more down-to-earth, easy-going, yet intelligent dog, who would at times go along with his comrade’s schemes, and other times turn the tables on his pal. This, and Wimper's ability to find pertinent clues, elevated his character to equal status. The dogs are only able to talk to each other and not to humans. They served in cases either as trackers or delivering messages and/or evidence back to Dotty to analyze.