The Dissolving Statue Caper
The Dissolving Statue Caper.jpg
Clue Club
Episode 11
Airdate 10/23/1976
Written By  ???
Directed By  ???
Previous Episode The Vanishing Train Caper
Next Episode The Missing Pig Caper

The Dissolving Statue Caper is the eleventh episode of Clue Club.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

At the Fun Mountain amusement park, the Clue Club are presented with a magnificent statue owned by Bobo Cahuna. The statue then vanishes. Finding out that, this statue was made of sugar, the evidence indicates Mr. Crane crafted it and his monkey dissolved it and the real statue remained in the cargo it was shipped in. Before Mr. Crane is carried away, he asks one of his workers to watch his pet monkey while he is away.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Pepper and D.D
Woofer and Wimper
Sheriff Bagley
Dave Crane
Bobo Cahuna
Rufus Farly

Suspects[edit | edit source]

Dave Crane
Bobo Cahuna
Rufus Farly

Culprit[edit | edit source]

Dave Crane
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