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Character Info[]

Gender Female
Hair Orange
Eyes Black
Occupation None
Affiliation Clue Club
Family Pepper (sister)
Played By Tara Talboy

Dotty is the youngest member of the club.


The youngest member of the club, endured an arsenal of deprecating nicknames from her elder sister and friends: "half-pint," "short-stuff," and the like. A prodigy, she normally stayed at home; from there, Dotty provided case-solving information from her minicomputer and/or results from various forensic tests. She also had access to high-tech communications equipment, including audio/video links to the Club's car...and to their wristwatches, which doubled as pagers. (Where and how the Club built or otherwise acquired these devices was never specified; it was hinted that Dotty herself custom-made them.) Dotty's friends were highly protective of her, and resented it when she joined them in the field...which the girl frequently did, after running out of "homework."